Good Hands Repair Network Shop Locator
  • The repair shop(s) identified in this tool participate in the Allstate Good HandsĀ® Repair Network (GHRN). You may use this tool even if you do not have a claim with us. If you decide to select a repair shop within the Good HandsĀ® Repair Network (GHRN) for a covered claim, please note that the workmanship for covered repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to use one of the GHRN repair shops for repairs that are not related to a claim, then Allstate will not be involved and will not guarantee the work performed by these vendors in non-claim situations. You should speak directly with the shop or network about any guarantees, pricing or other issues with regard to the work to be performed.

    This is not a comprehensive list of shops near you. You always have the right to choose any shop you would like to perform repair work on your vehicle. You are not under any circumstances obligated to utilize a repair shop on this list.